Concessional Licensing in Western Australia

This page has been set up to give members and other WA persons, either owners or people just interested in classic vehicles, information about the Concessional Licensing Rules in WA.

Below is a list of items that will be inspected on your vehicle. If you would like the complete details on Concessional Licensing click on the link - Concessional License Information

What items will be inspected on my vehicle? 
(Your vehicle will be road tested by the Examiner to check various items on the road.)

1. Electrical:

Headlights, High beam, dip beam. Park lights, tail lights, number plate light. Brake warning lights. Flashing Indicators. (Recommended to be fitted to all vehicles.) Horn, dash lights, heater/demister (if fitted). Windscreen wiper. (Washers if fitted) Wiring in good order. Battery secure. Reflectors and reverse lights.

2. Brakes:

Primary and parking brakes to operate efficiently. No leaks from hydraulic or air systems. Rods and cables in good condition with locks and split pins fitted. Warning lights to operate if fitted. 

3. Suspension and steering:

No excessive play at steering or suspension joints. Shackle and suspension bushes to be in good condition. Front and rear wheel bearings to be serviceable with correct free play. Shock absorbers to be in serviceable condition. (if fitted) No corrosion/rust in chassis or components. 

4. Wheels and tyres:

Wheels to be in serviceable condition (including spare). No excess play in split rim or spoke wheels. Tyres to be compatible and have legal tread depth or comply with manufacturers original equipment. 

5. Drive line:

Engine, exhaust. Transmission and differential. Speedometer and speed limiter. Vehicle performance. Fuel and oil leaks. 

6. Body and trim:

Body and chassis to be in serviceable condition with all doors and windows to operate correctly. No tears in mudguards. Paint work to be in a presentable condition. 

7. ADR:

Vehicle to comply with relevant Australian Design Rules if applicable at time of manufacture.


8. Tractors:

Some special conditions apply to tractors. Please contact the Examiner at the Tractor Museum or Tracmac. 

Please do the right thing with your Concessional Club Licence as the old car movement has worked hard to get the privilege for you. 

If you are caught abusing the system, your vehicle will be placed on full licence and you could be fined.