Concessional Licensing in Western Australia

As an approved historic motoring Club and a member of the Council of Motoring Clubs of WA (CMC) the Austin Healey Club of WA (Inc) is able to offer its members the option of concessional licensing.

Any motor vehicle that is aged 25 years old or older may be eligible for a Code 404 concession. This includes:

The owner must be and remain a financial member of a Department of Transport (DoT) approved historic motoring club to be eligible for the concession and the vehicle must not be modified.

Under this code use of the vehicle is restricted to club events and test runs but offers a significant reduction in yearly registration fees as well as the elimination of stamp duty fees.

Information regarding code 404 concession can be found on the CMC website or from the below links:


For further information regarding concessional licencing contact:


Page last updated: 1 August 2019