Healeys West

The club produces a monthly newsletter entitled Healeys West. All financial members receive this publication each month via email to provide them with what events have occurred during the month and what events are planned for the coming months.

If you are thinking of joining the Club and would like to see a copy, please contact the Editor.


Australian Austin-Healey

(The Journal of the Association of Australian Austin-Healey Clubs)

The Australian Austin-Healey is published quarterly by Parabolica Publishing Pty Ltd.  This quarterly journal provides Austin Healey and Sprite Club members (who pay an annual fee) from all states of Australia and New Zealand with a brief snapshot of each individual state's club events during that particular quarter.  Coupled with these social events are, member and car profiles, restoration tips, cars for sale, national rally details, and snippets from the past.


Page last updated: 7 March 2018