The Austin Healey Club of WA (Inc)

Committee members

Our club is managed by an elected team of 9 committee members. This committee is nominated for the benefit of the club's members.

The current 2022-2023 committee members are listed below with a short description of their roles.

Bill Richards
Contact our President
0433 680 728

The President consults with the secretary regarding the business to be conducted at each monthly General Meeting and Committee Meeting and convenes and presides over the General and Committee Meetings. The President of the Club is elected annually at the AGM in July.

Peter Coleman
Contact our Secretary
0419 935 679

The Secretary is responsible for record-keeping and for the preparation of General and Committee Meeting Minutes and Correspondence.

Mike Griffiths
Contact our Treasurer
0439 366 345

The Treasurer is responsible for all Club financial aspects including the collection of membership fees, regalia, event payments, and the payment of all monies due by the Club upon authorisation from the Committee. The Treasurer also keeps and maintains proper books of accounts, and prepares and presents a financial statement to the Annual General Meeting.

David Moir
0400 813 141

The Editor is responsible for collating, formatting, presenting, and distributing the monthly Healeys West newsletter.

Committee Person
Don Sutherland
0402 073 582

The Committee Member(s) provide assistance within the Committee whenever needed.

Vice President
Darrel Manning
0455 547 519

The Vice-President supports the President in their role and is delegated to run General and Committee Meetings in the President’s absence.

Membership Secretary
Diane Cooper
Contact our Membership Secretary
0408 916 512

The Membership Secretary is responsible for the management of all aspects of the Club's members, from joining, and renewals, as well as maintaining the Membership Register and communicating financial status and dues. This position also maintains a register of the member's subscriptions to the AAH magazine.

Social Secretary
Edd Black
0409 207 794

The Social Secretary organises and coordinates all the social events on the Club Calendar. These events include the annual Club Dinner and presentation event, the Club Christmas event, and other regular social events throughout the year.

Committee Person
Sandra Pickering
0429 999 063

The Committee Member(s) provide assistance within the Committee whenever needed.

Non-Committee positions

Diane Cooper
Contact our Webmaster
0408 916 512

The Webmasters oversee all the features of the Club's website, solving technical problems, approving site content, and working with the developer of MYCCO to make sure the site looks and performs well.

Social Media
Max Williams
0475 590 785

The Social Media position maintains and publishes content on the Club's Facebook page.

CMC Delegate
Fred Singleton
9622 1192

This position represents our Club at the Council of Motoring Clubs and reports back to our committee on the outcomes of their meetings.

Concessional Licensing Registrar and Vehicle Registrar
Rod Lloyd
Contact our Concessional Licensing Registrar and Vehicle Registrar
0416 231 003  

This position provides information to and assists members with either code 404 or code C4C concessional licensing process. Records and receives emails from members with cars on code 404 licences who take their cars on an impromptu run. Maintains a register of Austin Healeys held in Western Australia and their histories.

Parts Officer - Sprite
Rod Lloyd
0416 231 003  

This is the person to contact if you are looking for parts for the Austin Healey Sprite.

Parts Officer - Big Healey
George Noble
0422 319 431  

This is the person you can contact for parts for all Big Healeys except Sprites.

The Austin Healey Club of WA (Inc)
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