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Code C4C

2. Concessions for Classics scheme (Code C4C)

The major difference between Code 404 and this Code C4C is that the vehicle can be modified.

All vehicle modifications must comply with the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB 14) and relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs). Prior to any modifications being made which alter the vehicle from the manufacturer's specifications, an application must be made and approved by the CEO of DoT.

Any motor vehicle that was manufactured prior to 1990 may be eligible for a Code C4C concession.

All vehicle types complying with the weight limit of less than 4500 kg are eligible for concession including cars, motorbikes, trailers and caravans, and street rods.

The owner must be and remain a financial member of DoT approved historic motoring club to be eligible for the concession.

The vehicle can only be used for a maximum of 90 days per calendar year, being: 60 days to participate in motoring club sanctioned events; and - 30 days for personal use per calendar year (including testing, maintenance, and repair). Vehicle owners are to record the vehicle use in a logbook (a logbook template is provided here) prior to commencing each journey. 

Information regarding Code C4C Concessions can be found under Concessions for Classics Scheme on the Department of Transport website where you will find form E116 to complete.

For further information regarding concessional licensing contact:

Page last updated: 6 February 2023.

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Code C4C
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