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Code 404

1. Veteran, vintage, post vintage or invitational vehicle concessions (Code 404)

Any motor vehicle that is aged 25 years old or older may be eligible for a Code 404 concession. This includes:

  • cars
  • trucks
  • motor cycles
  • buses
  • tractors
  • trailers
  • semi-trailers and
  • caravans.

The owner must be and remain a financial member of a Department of Transport (DoT) approved historic motoring club to be eligible for the concession and the vehicle must not be modified.

Under this code use of the vehicle is restricted to club events, impromptu runs, and test runs but offers a significant reduction in yearly registration fees as well as the elimination of stamp duty fees. In addition, certain Insurance companies offer reduced premiums.

Impromptu Runs can consist of 1 or more vehicles. The Run period is for 1 day only. Meaning that the run must commence and end on the same day. The DoT considers that logging Impromptu Runs on consecutive days for the purpose of engaging in a motoring activity that is in effect a multi-day event is inconsistent with the intent of the Code 404 scheme and is not acceptable practice. For example, a drive or ride to an overnight destination and to return the following day is not acceptable practice.

Impromptu Runs must be recorded by the Club's Concessional Licensing Registrar by sending an email to:

and include:

  • date of the proposed run
  • approximate Start and Finish Times of the Impromptu Run
  • starting address
  • intended destination
  • finishing address
  • member's name
  • vehicle
  • vehicle registration and
  • driver's name (if not the member).

Information regarding code 404 concession can be found on:

  • the CMC website
  • in the Code 404 Licensing Handbook - explains the code in detail as well as the restrictions placed on the use and maintenance of the vehicle
  • the Code 404 CMC1 Form - to download the Certification of Financial Membership and Vehicle Compliance form; and
  • under Veteran, Vintage, Post Vintage or invitational vehicle concessions on the Department of Transport website where you will find form E81 to complete.

For further information regarding concessional licensing contact:

Page last updated: 27 April 2022.

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Code 404
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